Stacks are table-style databases that you can build and customize to keep track of any operational records. Ocore gives you complete control over how you build, organize, manage and collaborate around your critical information.

STACKS: Customizable Forms and Tables

Build digital forms that can be filled out to digitally track records in a dynamic tablestyle view. Easily create new forms, update form structures, add steps, customize filters, and organize your form list in minutes without any code or outside consulting.

STACKS: Organize Your Forms Into Steps

Stack forms can be organized into steps to break up and organize lengthy record collection. Each form with steps is automatically saved as you work, so you can always pick up where you left off.

STACKS: Built-In Form Collaboration

Stay informed and collaborate around recorded information to keep your operations running smoothly. Ocore has built in commenting and tasks for every form that is submitted.

TASKS: Daily Responsibilities

Manage your daily responsibilities with our modern Task module. Tasks can be created for individuals or groups one at a time or on a recurring schedule. Tasks are a powerful tool to build your daily workflow around operational records when used in conjunction with Stacks.

TASKS: Capable Organization in a Modern UI

Organize your daily responsibilities the way you prefer. Ocore’s card views let you group, filter and sort tasks to suit your individual needs.

TASKS: Coordinate Group Workflow

Build unique workflow steps for each group in your organization so they can efficiently manage critical responsibilities. Quickly create and edit workflow steps to help guide tasks through an efficient group pipeline.

TASKS: Built-In Form Collaboration

Stay informed and collaborate around task forms to keep your operations running smoothly. Tasks can be commented on and become a powerful tool when used in conjunction with Stacks by linking to specific operational records.

CONVERSATIONS: Internal Messaging

Keep important conversations in the same place as the rest of your operations management. Send messages to individuals or communicate as groups internally with simple topic-based messaging.

CONVERSATIONS: Topic-Based Messaging

Make sure your conversations are well organized. Ocore’s messages are topic-based and allow you to have different conversations with the same participants.

CONVERSATIONS: Built-in Commenting System-Wide

Make communication a focus for your operations. Ocore has built in commenting tools for each module, allowing you to organize your communication in whatever way suits your organization.

AUTOMATION: Hands-Off Operation

Automations make it easy to handle staff response to event triggers instantly. Setup custom conditions with no code that can send tasks, fill out Stack forms, send messages, and notify operators when they are triggered.

AUTOMATION: Automate Response to Stack Forms

Ocore’s automations and actions can be created by anyone without any code. Simply tell Ocore what Stack forms you want to monitor and what conditions to look for, then tell it what actions to do if the conditions are triggered as forms are submitted.

AUTOMATION: Automate Scheduled Tasks

Create scheduled tasks so you don’t have to worry about remembering regular responsibilities. Users can setup scheduled tasks that will run automatically and can even have timeframes that reference when the other task has been completed.

NOTIFICATIONS: Updates Anywhere

You can stay up to date and respond quickly with Ocore’s notification system. Get task updates, know when forms are submitted, get message notifications, and more instantly and anywhere you are.

NOTIFICATIONS: Flexible Push Notifications

Reach a new level of efficiency by receiving push notifications on any tablet or mobile device through Ocore’s app. Push notifications can be personalized so you are only receiving information that you want to see.

NOTIFICATIONS: Notification Center History

Keep track of daily operational updates through our notification center history. The notification center will keep track of any updates from form submissions, form updates, task assignment, comments and more as a running history that can be used to navigate as well.

NOTIFICATIONS: Email Notifications

If your operations prefers using email as regular communication, no worries. Ocore can send notifications as emails and you can continue operating the way you are used to.